Daily Specials


Rickards Red Beer$5.25 Rickards Red pint all day – After 5, A Pound of Wings $7.99 (after 5 pm)

Lunch special $6.95 from 11-2 daily


rolling-rock-beerRolling Rock $5.25 pint all day

Lunch special $6.95 from 11-2 daily



BURGER $7.95 all day. Bud $5.00 pint all day

Lunch special $6.95 from 11-2 daily


Guinness beerGuiness pints for $6.25, Coors Light & Canadian $5.00 pints all day

Lunch special 6.95 from 11-2 daily.  Enter Knights ticket draw with purchase of lunch (in season)


Wortley Roadhouse fish & chipsFish & Chips – $9.95

Lunch special $6.95 from 11-2 daily


Wortley Roadhouse Nachos$2.00 off our Nacho Supreme

Breakfast Special $4.99 Daily till 11.30 A.M. Lunch special $6.95 from 11-2 daily


Coors Banquet BeerCoors Banquet $5.25 all day

Breakfast Special $4.99 Daily Till 11:30 A.M. Lunch special $6.95 from 11-2 daily

About The Wortley Roadhouse

We are a restaurant and neighbourhood pub located in the heart of London's Old South.  The Wortley Roadhouse has provided a comfortable venue that showcases some of the area's finest live entertainment.  Dance the night away every Friday and Saturday, or catch a popular Sunday matinee from October through May.

Offering roadhouse fare, it is a place where family and friends can dine, gather to catch a game on the HD screens, enjoy the sun on our patio, or have a meeting or private function in the Village Room.

Hope you join us soon,
David and Staff

Our Hours

Monday to Friday: 11am - 2am
Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 2am

Our Location

190 Wortley Road, London, Ontario, N6C 4Y7
Call 519-438-5141
Fax 519-438-5142
Email: info@wortleyroadhouse.com

Connect with us!

If you can't serve the clientele you were not be in business long. I have frequent this establishment for many years. Each time I go back , although hesitate each time. The place gets worse. We wait and wait for our drink orders to be filled. We are served what they call food. I order a BLT .... not a difficult order and recieved almost toasted pieces of bread smuched together with the but end of a lettuce head. The lettuce was not placed nicely flat but in a ball on the bread with a half a slice of tomato and a piece of bacon running across the bread. Held together by a toothpick. Which once removed fall in a heap on my plate to expose the unbuttered , unmayo pieces of bread. Served next to a wilted salad. This is not the first time over the last couple of years I have been disappointed with the service at the Wortley. Honestly the only reason I would go back is to see one band. And water will be my drink of choice. They call a long ice tea....ice tea from the fountain mixed with vodka. Their fountain pop makes me feel ill the next day and their fake orange juice leaves only bottled drinks like beer to be enjoyed. So if you are not into meals that a 3 yr old can make or slapped together drinks. Then stay away. The establishment thinks that the community will support such poor business practices. Clean it up and serve good food and entertainment like you used to. ...

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